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Free Artifact Evaluations
Collection Photography
We can provide information on your vintage football artifacts, to include:
Low-cost, professional-quality digital photography of your collection for personal or insurance documentation, or for use in the future sale of your collection. We can turn most projects around within a few days.
Have a unique artifact you'd like to sell? Request that it be considered for our
Artifact Purchase/Consignment
Don't want to take your chances selling an artifact on EBay? We purchase quality artifacts or accept consignments under your terms of sale.
Display Your Collection with Us
Want to show off your collection but don't want to have to create a website? Provide us with photos and we'll upload them to our
value estimates & comparable sales information
Collector's Showcase.
We'll prepare a story about your artifact, post it online, and distribute it to our mailing list to attract potential purchasers.
recommendations for finding potential buyers or sellers of artifacts
vintage images, patents, and catalog cuts of your artifact from our library
3D Imaging
We can create custom, user controlled, 3D images of your collection utilizing technology from Arqspin. We can provide scripts to embed in your site, or host your images for you.
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Museum Display/Set Design Consulting
AntiqueFootball's clients have included museums and set designers for leading movie studios in search of display artifacts and props. Let us help find the right piece for you!
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