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Stall & Dean ad, Des Moines Daily News, 1913
Ty Cobb & Joe Jackson, 1911, Library of Congress

Player Endorsements

1905 was a pivotal year for the commercialization of American professional sports. In what is believed to be the first agreement by a player to be compensated for the use of his name on a product of sale, Honus Wagner signed an endorsement deal with J.F. Hillerich & Sons, of Louisville, Kentucky, to produce an autographed line of baseball bats. Other manufacturers quickly followed Hillerich's lead. In 1911, Stall & Dean scored a major coup when two of its endorsing players, Ty Cobb and Joe Jackson, finished first and second in the American League batting race.
By 1915, practically every baseball product in the Stall & Dean Spring & Summer catalog was endorsed by a professional player, including Honus Wagner, Tris Speaker, Bill Carrigan, Eddie Collins, & Jake Stahl. Most of the endorsement deals were signed with players from the hometown Boston Red Sox, but recognizing the importance of local role models to young customers, Stall & Dean inked agreements with players from Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh as well.
Images from the 1916 Stall & Dean Spring & Summer Catalogue
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The Stall & Dean Guarantee

The durability and color fastness of Stall & Dean's Safeslide Flannel made it an ideal choice for track, basketball, and general athletic clothing. Stall & Dean found a niche in supplying high schools and college athletic departments with uniforms for all sports and guaranteed to replace any article with defective material or workmanship.
Stall & Dean ad, The Sporting Goods Trade Directory, 1911
Baseball Uniform ad, Stall & Dean 1909 Spring & Summer catalog
catalog advertisement, 1915 Stall & Dean Spring & Summer catalog
Stall & Dean catalog image, 1915
Stall & Dean catalog image, 1917